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Game on!

Utrecht is heaven for game freaks. From arcade games and specialist game shops, to escape rooms and game bars: let the games begin!

by Laura Amiabel

Simple and well thought-out

Specialist shop The Joker

Erno Eekelschot: ‘Our collection changes with the times. The games we play adapt in line with the social climate. They’re all quite simple at the moment, but well thought-out. As well as the shop, we also have a basement where people can play games.’

> Oudegracht 230A


Game bar

De Stichtse Taveerne

Frank Nieuwenhuis: ‘Some evenings, seventy percent of our customers are playing games. We started life as a bar with billiards tables, but this gave us a stuffy image. Nowadays, you can play pool, darts and we have about sixty different board games. We provide beer and the right atmosphere.’

> Twijnstraat 43


Classic games

Awesome Space

Tjeerd Visser: ‘Warning: if you come in here, it’ll be a couple of hours before you leave. What will you be doing? We’ve got everything, from all the classic Nintendo games to unique and rare amusement arcade machines. Something for everyone.’

> Marco Pololaan 8-10


Ordinary and specialist

Het Lab

Mark Brummel: ‘At Het Lab, we sell ordinary everyday games as well specialist games for the real game enthusiasts. And you’re welcome to come and play here too; there’s plenty of room in the shop. If I’ve got time, I’ll explain anything that’s unfamiliar.’

> Oudegracht 207


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