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Throwback: 1974


Jenever & cigars

For many years, the majestic white building on Mariaplaats (left in the photo) was an impervious bastion that passers-by could peer into, trying to imagine what it looked like on the inside. But this is about to change. The building served as a gentlemen’s club called De Vereeniging for 150 years. It was a place where men came to discuss global politics with a cigar in one hand and a glass of jenever in the other. This spring, the monumental building will open its doors as a grand café and ordinary people can finally sit at the bar and order themselves a glass jenever (or not) and discuss world politics (or not).

Throwback to 1974 Utrecht

In collaboration with Het Utrechts Archief (The Utrecht Archives). Visit them at Hamburgerstraat 38.

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The Utrecht Archives

Het Utrechts Archief constitutes the memory of the city and the province Utrecht with dozens of kilometers of archives, half a million of photographs, films, pictures and an extensive library.

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